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How to Get People to Line Up to Create Your Member Site Content

  The biggest problem with creating a membership site is getting the content created for you so you do not have to be on the content creation treadmill and worry about coming up with new content month after month. That is exactly why I want to show you how to get people to beg you to create your membership site content. Secret #1: You must be in a market that has people who are experts in that market. If you are in a market where your site is the only site providing information to that market - your going to be in big trouble. You have to be in a market where there are massive amounts of people who are passionate about that topic who are creating content and creating sites in that market just out of their sheer love for the topic. Secret #2: Make your content easy to create! This is the biggest problem people have with membership sites. Don't create videos every month for your membership site that requires you to have access to a movie studio. If you need to spend all kinds of mone